Candid vs Posed

We love natural, candid photos for our wedding. Do you do that?

YES! Candid wedding photos can be the most lovely, heartfelt, emotional photos from the wedding day, the ones that get published that is. There will also be a myriad of photos that a candid that you don’t see! Half blinking shots are candid – but I haven’t met a wedding photographer who realises those photos to their client.

pastel pink and purple wedding bouquet with roses and lace

When you hire a photographer, you pay for their experience, knowledge and creativity (amongst other things). They have photographed so many weddings they KNOW what looks good in camera. They can anticipate the candid moments and know where to position themselves to get the most from light in any given scene. They should know how to make a couple feel relaxed in front of the camera. Some couples are naturally talented at posing in front of the camera. They just know how to hold themselves that translated well into the photographic medium.

Most of the time I get asked/told “we have no idea what to do in front of the camera” please tell us what to do!” I’m more than happy to do that as well! I talked couples through their session, gently guiding them through actions or poses, making them laugh and encouraging them when they are doing well. My posing isn’t static or awkward. More often than not I’ll give a direction or an action and photograph the reactions.

Here are 2 photos from a recent wedding. One is how Emma stood naturally and the other is after a slight bit of direction from me. Can you tell which is which? Which one do you like best?



backlit bridal portrait in black and white with flowers


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