3 tips for walking down the aisle … literally.

This is it! Your hair and makeup are done. You are in the dress of your dreams and you are quietly waiting for the processional music to start so you can see your groom, waiting for you at the end of the isle. It’s such an iconic moment of a wedding, seeing the bride walk down the aisle. Everyone is looking, waiting to catch a glimpse of the dress, how you have done your hair and to see the stunning flowers. A few seasoned wedding guests will be looking at the groom to see the look on his face when he locks eyes on you. You’re walking, maybe slightly nervous and hoping not to trip on your dress. So many things are going through your head! Chances are ‘what does my face look like right now” isn’t one of them (or if it is … your not paying that much attention to it)

Here are my 3 top tips to help make your aisle walk look amazing!

1. Smile!
It may seem like a given, but you would be surprised how many bridesmaids, in particular, who don’t actually smile when they walk down the aisle. I’ve seen frowns, tongues hanging out and even bridesmaids who look disinterested with the whole situation!

father and the bride walking down the aisle garden wedding

2. Make eye contact. Looking down as you walk increases the chance of that double chin making an appearance, not to mention making you look super nervous. Keep it in check by looking at the guests and then making eye contact with the groom.  Brides, there is a lovely photo opportunity for you to look at the one giving you away (dad, mum, brother etc) as you walk, these are some of the favourite photos of the ceremony. Whoever you choose to look at, don’t choose the photographer! Photographs from the ceremony where the bride/groom or anyone immediately involved, looking at the camera looks a bit fake – like they aren’t ‘in the moment’. Just something to think about.

bridesmaid carrying ring bearer walking the aisle in purple dress

3. Step together. My Dad and I didn’t rehearse walking down the aisle together. How hard could it be right? Looking at my photos a few weeks after I realised we had been stepping out of time. This meant that the natural sway when we walked was out. It looks we are leaning together or away from each other in every single photo. What do I mean by step in time? Both of you step with the same foot, bride’s right foot and father of the bride’s right foot. Confused? Grab someone, link arms and practise!

father walking daughter down the aisle, outdoor ceremony.


Liked these tips? What about walking back down the aisle!? Stay tuned!!




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