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Went to a few weddings last year were the bride and groom had written vows to each other. Personalised vows are a beautiful way to communicate just how much you love your fiance. Whilst traditional vows cover all the necessary bits and pieces (did you know there are things to have to include in your official vows?) vows you have written yourself  add a special touch to the wedding day. I wanted to write a post giving you some tips on writing your own vows … but then I did a google search and saw that its a pretty popular topic and wasn’t sure I could bring anything new to the table. So, I read through a bunch of websites and these are the Top 5.


  1. Everything you need to know about writing your wedding vows.  Nothing like a 20 step process to help you along your way. I love the structure that this gives you, especially if writing isn’t your forte.
  2. 6 things to keep in mind when writing your wedding vows. These are 6 pretty good things to think about!! The writer mentions that the vows are ultimately for you and your partner. I would add just be aware that all your guests are going to listen to them … and some of them aren’t sitting down!
  3. Steal these vows. has some beautiful personalised vows … and some a lot more … offbeat. Definitely have a read for inspiration especially if you want to incorporate your wedding theme into the vows.
  4. Renewal of Vows. Thinking of renewing your vows? Have a look here about how to write the perfect renewal vow for your celebration.
  5. Top 5 | Wedding vows. So if you click the link you will come back to my blog! I wanted to add my 5 cents worth at the end and here it is. Can’t decide between traditional and personalised vows? You can do both! You can say them both at the ceremony or even save your personalised ones for the reception. It’s your day after all!

    Did you recite traditional vows at your wedding or go for personalised ones? What influenced your choice? Comment below!

bride and groom renew their vows for their 5 yr anniversary

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