Preparing for a wedding!

How do I prepare for a wedding? Organisation is the key! It also helps if the kids are in bed … my head is much more in the game once the kids are in bed!



1. Print out any documents, maps or lists I need on the day. Maps? Yes, maps. I’m a bit old-school when it comes to navigation. I would rather have planned the route I’m taking on Google Maps and then printed out the directions rather than using a GPS on my phone. Why? Because (paper) maps don’t switch themselves off, go out of range/signal and you can’t be fined reading a paper map in your car.

2. Charge all batteries. Obviously.

3. Clear/format memory cards. There is nothing worse than rocking up to a shoot and realising that your memory card is mostly full of photos documenting your daughter’s attempt at eating spaghetti the night before.

4. Semi pack the gear into a bag. With batteries charging its silly to completely pack the bag. I’ve left batteries behind because of this very reason!!!

5. Make sure there is enough petrol in the car!!!! That fuel light sometimes strikes panic into my bones.

6. Bottle some water and put it in the fridge!

7. Double check with any babysitter involved that they are all onboard and haven’t forgotten they are looking after the kids!



1. Pray!

2. Put the fully charged batteries into the cameras. I have 2 camera bodies and 4 batteries. The spares to in my bag as the backups.

3. Fully pack bag. This means zipping it closed and putting it near the front door.

4. Double check I have any mobile numbers I need in my phone. For a wedding, this might include bride, groom, best man and maid of honour.

5. Eat a decent meal before leaving. Photographing a wedding is hungry work!

6. Leave 10 mins before I need to. Getting to a location early is never a bad thing 🙂


Obviously, this is a pretty specific list for the night before and the morning of a wedding. Lots of work goes in weeks beforehand communicating with the bride and groom about wedding day expectations, photo locations, wedding details, timelines and everything in between. It’s my job to help you relax and know that “I’ve got this.” It’s one part of the wedding day that you don’t need to worry about. Are you looking for a photographer you can trust? Look no further! Contact me and let’s get a conversation going about how I can help make your day memorable for all the right reasons.





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