Fremantle Engagement | Bec & Mitch

I’m so excited to share with you this Fremantle engagement session with Ben and Mitch. These 2 are my second instragram competition winning couple. Guess what? They are also engaged and are planning a wedding for 2019. If you click here, you can go and see Erica & Daniel’s Kings Park engagement session (the first in this series!) 

“Where to from here?”

That’s the best part about Fremantle and taking photos, there are so many amazing locations all within walking distance from eachother. We started out at the Round House  and made our way towards Bathers Beach. It was great getting to know Bec and Mitch, their story and what plans they had for their wedding. My favourite part was when I asked how they met.

Mitch “We met at uni”
Bec “Its a bit more invovled than that”

What followed was a story of them meeting while they were volunterring through a program at UWA. I love asking that question because there is often a short version and a longer version and its beautiful to hear the beginning of a love story when you know how it ended up! 

My favourite part of this session was the last set of photos we took. The sun had already set over the ocean and I stood with the horizon behind me. The sky was such a beautiful soft shade of pinky purple. It makes me wonder what it would be like to live over in the Eastern States where the sun rises over the ocean and sets behind the mountains (in some places) what magical cotton candy coloured skies they must get over the ocean! 

Thank you so much you guys!! I wish you all the best for you wedding next year! Thanks for trusting me with the prompting and having a great time together. I hope it gave you wonderful memories to look back on during this exciting time in your life!

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