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When you get pregnant, there is a whole lot of information out there. Getting pregnant, being pregnant, birthing options, breastfeeding how-to, swaddling 101, baby sleep school etc. So many things to do, read and ‘get ready’ for. One thing I wish there as out there for mum of young children is a how to when it comes to sending off your first child to kindergarten.

Sending my first off to school made me feel a little like it was my first day as well. New bells times, lunch box options, library days, weekly book raffle, parent help and news days all sent me into overwhelm. Did I mention learning a whole lot of new names (both your kids new friends … and their parents names so you are not forever calling them “Jane’s mum!”


The sooner you ask them their name the better. Bond over your kids ability to trap half a sandpit worth of sand in their shoes and empty in on the living room floor and then follow up with “My name is Eileen, what’s yours? Then when you say goodbye – say it again it! (Bye Lizzie!) That helps you remember. People love hearing their name. Use it all the time even just in passing. They will notice you made the effort! Trust me.

Moving on. Grab yourself a handful of new mum friends from your kids new class. These women are your best asset to surviving (and thriving) as a school mum. One of these super special mum’s for me is Robyn. We bonded over the fact that my kids loved staring and playing with her sweet 8month old who sat so nicely in her pram during pre-kindy activities while mine ran up and down the library isles refusing to sit still. We bumped into another at the local shops and our kindy kids were in the same class.


Robyn was so helpful as I transitioned into a school mum. She asked me how I was going after I had my third and tried to juggle drop off and pick ups. She kept me up to date with news of the week themes and answered all my questions about whatever school note came out that week. Best of all she picked up my kids on occasion and let them play at her house so I didn’t have to wake up the sleeping baby. Can I get a hell yes!

I’m so excited to share with you her maternity photos. Stay tuned for a family portrait session once their baby boy has arrived! In the meantime Click here to see my other sunrise session! Robyn, my so blessed to have you as a mum friend! Seeing our kids grow up together is so special.

Honestly, I can’t thank you enough Eileen! They are amazing and exactly what I wanted/envisioned! Your skills & energy are incredible, it shows in your photographs that you love what you do! I was nervous having never done a session like this before and you took those nerves completely away and made me feel totally relaxed! So thank you again and I can’t wait til baby is here and we can do it all over again!

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