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So many wonderful things happened when I sat down and search google for a ‘mums with bubs fitness class in Perth’. Up popped Jenine’s business, Mums with Bubs Fitness. I couldn’t believe my luck, a fitness class I could take my kid to (so creche/babysitting costs!) that was close by and was affordable for the family who was back to living on one income. Not only did I get out the house and to work on my fitness, Jenine’s classes have a special focus on the relationship with your baby. Including them in your workout meant getting quality time for you 2 times over! As another mum in business, it came up that she wanted some more photos for her website as the business was evolving quickly and I was a photographer. We organised our first shoot of a class in action (bonus, I got to bring my kid to work with me!) and we haven’t looked back. Jenine has become a wonderful friend and business colleague. I love seeing her passion for promoting a healthy relationship with your new postpartum body as well as finding an activity that produces a happy mum and happy (and often sleepy) baby! Win win! Our latest photo shoot was quite an epic one to arrange. Initially organised for November 2016, the weather in Perth was just not co-operating. We had a super cool start to summer and it just wasn’t warm enough to do a 6 am beach shoot. Finally, after about 4-5 cancelled dates (because of RAIN IN SUMMER) we made it … on February 26 we met at the beach at 6am, me at 28 weeks pregnant and Jenine with her husband and 2 young kids. We had a blast!


If you are interested in pre and post natal fitness you really should check out Mums with Bubs Fitness. Like, really.


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