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She was rostered on to Room 5. It was the only birthing suite that was occupied at the time. The midwife about the finish her shift came in and spoke to me. “You’re doing so well and it has been lovely to help you during your labour. My shift is about to end. The next midwife rostered on is Nicole and she says you know each other. She just wanted me to check that it is OK with you if she can come and help. If not, she will swap her rooms with another midwife.” That was one of the best things that happened the day my first daughter was born. It was an answer to a prayer I had prayed without knowing how it could possibly happen. That I would have someone there who was a professional knew me personally and who I knew cared about me and my experience.

“Heck yes! Let her come in!”

I had previously met Nicole at 2 separate weddings I had photographed. She was a bridesmaid at both and we sort of went from acquaintances to friends online. I knew she was a midwife but it never crossed my mind that God would put us together in this way. What a blessing she was to be in that room with me as I laboured with my first child. The birth itself was far from textbook. In fact, she told me she remembers that birth for all the wrong reasons. It’s a story for another day but what I remember most is that for every day stayed in hospital after my daughter was born, Nicole came and visited, even if she wasn’t rostered on to the ward. Amongst the complete lack of sleep, a crying/always hungry newborn and dealing with the shock of what my body went through, I remember her caring nature, her kind smiles and her willingness to help me.

Nicole and her family always hold a special place in my heart. I love that I get the privilege of photographing her own growing family. From the first maternity session to these family portraits. I can’t wait to do it all again soon!

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