Josh and Amy {Pre Wedding Shoot}

I first met Amy almost 10 years ago when we either a) auditioned for our uni course together or b) turned up to our first day of uni as ‘pre-service teachers.’ I’m not sure about other university degrees but if you do an acting course with someone … you get to know them in ways you never expected. I’m going to go as far as saying we shared experiences as a class that your average university graduated wouldn’t have.  Staying back late to rehearse yet another key scene from a set text, creating a show without much constructive help from the lecturer and trying to find a room to rehearse in (yes, yes I’m sure we filled out a booking sheet … ) not to mention various improvised performances that involved a frame within a frame or villages burning down. If this all sounds familiar to you … as in, you’ve read the village burning thing before on this blog you would be right!! Emma (celebrating her first wedding anniversary to Dale next week!) was also part of our university group. In fact … all of Amy’s bridesmaids are from this beautiful group of university friends. This means I met Josh along the way at various performances or after parties held in the sheds. I don’t remember an actual exact time …!

Amanda and I met Josh and Amy as Fishmarket Reserve in Guildford for their pre-wedding shoot. While it was a hot day, by 5pm the breeze was in and it was just right. They made our job so easy and we all had a ball. I’m excited to share these images with you all in anticipation for their wedding early next year. I’m so excited to see Amy’s dress – what she described in just stunning! Does anyone remember Skye and Michaels wedding (also approaching their first wedding anniversary later this month!) Skye did Amy’s hair in preparation for the wedding. You can check out her amazing talents here.



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