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When you get pregnant, there is a whole lot of information out there. Getting pregnant, being pregnant, birthing options, breastfeeding how-to, swaddling 101, baby sleep school etc. So many things to do, read and ‘get ready’ for. One thing I wish there as out there for mum of young children is a how to when it comes to sending off your first child to kindergarten.

Sending my first off to school made me feel a little like it was my first day as well. New bells times, lunch box options, library days, weekly book raffle, parent help and news days all sent me into overwhelm. Did I mention learning a whole lot of new names (both your kids new friends … and their parents names so you are not forever calling them “Jane’s mum!”


The sooner you ask them their name the better. Bond over your kids ability to trap half a sandpit worth of sand in their shoes and empty in on the living room floor and then follow up with “My name is Eileen, what’s yours? Then when you say goodbye – say it again it! (Bye Lizzie!) That helps you remember. People love hearing their name. Use it all the time even just in passing. They will notice you made the effort! Trust me.

Moving on. Grab yourself a handful of new mum friends from your kids new class. These women are your best asset to surviving (and thriving) as a school mum. One of these super special mum’s for me is Robyn. We bonded over the fact that my kids loved staring and playing with her sweet 8month old who sat so nicely in her pram during pre-kindy activities while mine ran up and down the library isles refusing to sit still. We bumped into another at the local shops and our kindy kids were in the same class.


Robyn was so helpful as I transitioned into a school mum. She asked me how I was going after I had my third and tried to juggle drop off and pick ups. She kept me up to date with news of the week themes and answered all my questions about whatever school note came out that week. Best of all she picked up my kids on occasion and let them play at her house so I didn’t have to wake up the sleeping baby. Can I get a hell yes!

I’m so excited to share with you her maternity photos. Stay tuned for a family portrait session once their baby boy has arrived! In the meantime Click here to see my other sunrise session! Robyn, my so blessed to have you as a mum friend! Seeing our kids grow up together is so special.

Honestly, I can’t thank you enough Eileen! They are amazing and exactly what I wanted/envisioned! Your skills & energy are incredible, it shows in your photographs that you love what you do! I was nervous having never done a session like this before and you took those nerves completely away and made me feel totally relaxed! So thank you again and I can’t wait til baby is here and we can do it all over again!

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Fremantle Engagement | Bec & Mitch

I’m so excited to share with you this Fremantle engagement session with Ben and Mitch. These 2 are my second instragram competition winning couple. Guess what? They are also engaged and are planning a wedding for 2019. If you click here, you can go and see Erica & Daniel’s Kings Park engagement session (the first in this series!) 

“Where to from here?”

That’s the best part about Fremantle and taking photos, there are so many amazing locations all within walking distance from eachother. We started out at the Round House  and made our way towards Bathers Beach. It was great getting to know Bec and Mitch, their story and what plans they had for their wedding. My favourite part was when I asked how they met.

Mitch “We met at uni”
Bec “Its a bit more invovled than that”

What followed was a story of them meeting while they were volunterring through a program at UWA. I love asking that question because there is often a short version and a longer version and its beautiful to hear the beginning of a love story when you know how it ended up! 

My favourite part of this session was the last set of photos we took. The sun had already set over the ocean and I stood with the horizon behind me. The sky was such a beautiful soft shade of pinky purple. It makes me wonder what it would be like to live over in the Eastern States where the sun rises over the ocean and sets behind the mountains (in some places) what magical cotton candy coloured skies they must get over the ocean! 

Thank you so much you guys!! I wish you all the best for you wedding next year! Thanks for trusting me with the prompting and having a great time together. I hope it gave you wonderful memories to look back on during this exciting time in your life!

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Bells Rapids Engagement | Shannon & Pierre

Hello again! This is the 3rd instalment of the Instagram competition winners. If you have just joined us you can click HERE for part 1 or HERE to go to part 2! I ran an Instagram competition back in August (but I’m writing this like it’s in real time!) and 3 lucky couples were randomly selected as the winning recipients of a 60 min couples session and an online gallery of their images! I have been blogging these sessions and I hope you have enjoyed reading them and seeing the photographs.

Music to my ears

There is a special place in my heart for our final couple. Firstly (and like the other 2 couples) they are also engaged and getting married in January 2019. (Hooray for engagements and weddings!!) Their names came out as the winners and I contacted them (most excitedly) to let them know – but also to see what they wanted to do as they had a pre-wedding session booked in with me already as part of their wedding. Yep, they had already booked me as the photographer for their wedding. I thought they might want to gift the session to someone else who entered. Shannon said “oh we would LOVE TO have 2 sessions with you! We love photos!” This, my friend, is music to my ears.

We decided to meet up at Bell’s Rapids. What you need to know, by the way, after months of emailing back and forth this was actually the first time I was going to meet them. It was like we had been friends since forever! I loved shooting these 2!! We met, we photographed and they were fantastic! I am so honoured to have had this privilege of meeting Shannon and Pierre and we are so excited that I get to shoot their official engagement shoot soon and then their wedding in 2019!

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Kings Park Engagement | Erica and Daniel

“We were going to, then we didn’t. I’m so glad it worked out this way!”

Welcome to post 1 of 3 featuring my Instagram competition winners! I’m writing this in real time as it happened super recently, but it didn’t. It was like … months ago. August to be exact (don’t worry, blogging is on my list of things to improve on.)  This Kings Park engagement was full of laughter and glorious golden hour sunlight. 

I contacted Erica to let her know of her winning status and found out that she was, in fact, engaged and getting married in a few months time. I was so excited to hear about the wedding plans, to see how they were going and to find out their story. They did not disappoint! Their parents are family friends They knew each other since they were little kids. It took them till they were 15 to really notice each other. Since then? Well, it’s history. Here they were, engaged, building a house and getting married. If this was real time, I would be telling you how pumped I was to follow them on their trip down the aisle … but it’s not real time and they are already married! Ha! 

It stood out to me how comfortable they were together. The way they looked at each other. How they seemed determined to do life their way. It takes a lot to shut out the noise around you when you are approaching bit moments in your life. Times like when you are finishing high school, finding your way to your dream career, getting married or having a baby. At these moments, anyone is willing to give you advice on how they think you should do it. Erica and Daniel? They take it in their stride and together I think they will accomplish some amazing dreams. Here’s to finishing this year, starting a new chapter of your lives together. It’s a beautiful place to be.

“Thank you so much for these! They turned out better than I could have imagined!”  – Erica and Daniel

We met up at Kings Park one afternoon and they rocked their session. My new favourite thing to include in a session is prompting. No stiff poses here! Chatting to them from behind my camera and asking simple questions is the basis for these gloriously candid moments. Halfway through our session, Erica remarked “We were going to get engagement portraits done but didn’t get around to it. I’m so glad it worked out this way, this will really help us out on our wedding day!” Thanks so much for being great sports and really getting into the spirit of this session. I had such a wonderful time with you guys and I wish you all the best for your future together as husband and wife!

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Jake and Laura | Joondalup Resort Wedding

Laura and I attended the same wedding (as guests) back in 2008. It was at Hyde Park on a gorgeous November afternoon as we celebrated with friends and family. Except I didn’t notice her and quite possibly she didn’t notice me either. I was 3 weeks out from getting married myself and had lots of things on my mind. Namely a hair curling attempt that went very wrong … but that’s for another time and place. Skip forward 9 years and bam! There is Laura is calling me about the fact she was getting married! We reminisced about old times, like how our parents are travel buddies and the fact we don’t remember ever actually meeting each other.

We finally did meet when Laura and Jake came down to Perth on a whirlwind weekend adventure, them trying to fit in a number of wedding related appointments and me trying to find the time and baby sitting arrangements needed as I was actually booked to shoot a wedding down in Yallinyup that same weekend. Not even terrible peak hour traffic on a Friday afternoon could stop us. We met, took photos and talked about all their plans. And then, all of a sudden, they were back in Perth but this time they would go back home as husband and wife.

Their wedding day was smooth sailing from the get go. I believe that had a lot do with the organisational brilliance and stylist extraordinaire that is Dawn of Luxx Weddings and Events. Every detail was styled smoothly and effortlessly. It was glorious! Laura looked stunning in her Kenneth Wilson gown. She was so relaxed  when I arrived in time for final preparation shots, ready to get the party started! Her smile didn’t leave her all day – in fact it just got bigger when she walked down the aisle and saw Jake. #swoon

Guys, thanks for an amazing wedding and trusting me with your most special day! I loved every single minute.



Wedding Planner: Dawn of Luxx Wedding & Events 
Ceremony Venue: St Peters Anglican, Wanneroo
Reception Venue: Joondalup Resort
Dress: Dion for Brides
Suits: Ferrari Formalwear
Bridesmaids: Dion for Brides
Hair and Makeup: Hair Makeup Beauty by Francesca
Cake: Red Apron Cakes

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